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COVID-19 Products

COVID-19 products
COVID-19 Research Products - Antibodies, Proteins, and ELISA Kits

Scientific research has become critical for COVID-19 infection prevention and control. Biomatik provides a wide range of scientific materials to help laboratories do research on the COVID-19 disease. The research products are related to SARS-CoV-2 protein and their host cell interaction partners, ranging from proteins, to antibodies, and ELISA kits. Biomatik has been proudly serving the life sciences and drug discovery community since 2002. You can count on the quality products and support from Biomatik for your research needs. Please view our Customer Testimonials, Selected Publications and 3,000+ publications citing on our fine products and services at Google Scholar.

Shipping within the US and Canada is $45 flat per order. Shipping to European and most other countries is $75 flat per order. We use FedEx/UPS to provide door-to-door delivery worldwide. On average, packages are delivered overnight within the US and Canada, and 3-4 business days to reach European and most other countries.