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Custom pAb Production

Custom pAb Production


   Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Service

Biomatik has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 2002. To date, we have delivered 42,000+ custom made products to our researchers worldwide. We pride ourselves in being able to provide researchers all over the world with affordable, high quality custom polyclonal antibodies. Our peptide polyclonal antibody packages start at as low as $950 and are always guaranteed by ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1). For protein polyclonal antibody production (protein can either be supplied by customer or produced by Biomatik) as antigen, Biomatik guarantees WB positive or you money back!

Our custom antibody production services allow you to take advantage of our in-house gene/peptide/protein production capacity for a customized antibody at highly competitive prices with fast turnaround time. We can help design, produce either peptide or protein antigen for your antibody, so you can save cost and get your antibody faster!

   Service Highlights

Affordable Price with Fast Turnaround: As low as $950, in as fast as 60 days!
Total Customization: Pick one of our standard packages or customize your own.
Risk-free Guarantee: Free of charge if the generated antibody does not meet the package guarantees.

pAb Packages / Antigen ChoiceKey DeliverablesQuality GuaranteesEDT
Package #SA0031
protein, supplied by customer
15-25mg protein A/G purified antibody ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1);
WB positive
~3 months
Package #SA0050
protein, produced by Biomatik
2-5mg affinity purified antibody
0.1mg recombinant protein
ELISA >1:128,000;
WB positive
4-5 months
Package #SA0033
peptide, synthesized by Biomatik
3-5mg affinity purified antibody ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1) 3-4 months
Package #SA0035
phospho peptide, synthesized by Biomatik
2-5mg affinity purified phospho antibody;
2-5mg affinity purified non-phospho antibody
ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1);
No cross reactivity on DB
3-4 months
View details at Standard Custom Polyclonal Antibody Packages.
a) Risk-free Guarantee: If the generated antibody does not meet our quality guarantees, the customer receives NO charge.
b) Our standard 70-day immunization protocol will apply by default. If you are in a rush, please ask for 42-day express protocol.
c) Other than phospho peptide antibody package, there are formyl/methyl/cyclic/acetylated peptide antibody packages available.
d) Each package comes with two rabbits, you may request more rabbits or a different animal.
e) Anti-serum can be requested instead of the purified antibody.


   Why Choose Biomatik?

Biomatik has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 2002. To date, we have delivered 42,000+ custom made products to over 7,500 unique researchers worldwide. Not all suppliers are equal in terms of quality control and technical support, and you can count on Biomatik for your custom antibody needs. Please view some of our citations available at Google Scholar.
      Customer testimonials:
      “The proteins we work with are difficult on a number of levels. They are products of a polyprotein with transmembrane domains that are toxic when expressed at high levels. Other companies were not able to identify antigentic peptides with any confidence. Biomatik was able to identify antigentic peptides, and in each case we now have an antibody for Western blotting that works well even at high dilutions, and detects both polyprotein precursors and the final cleavage product.”
      - Dr. William Jackson, Microbiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA

      “We are very satisfied with the polypeptide antibodies you produced for us. They work great for both WB and immunostaining (so far we tested). They are very strong and specific (for WB, I can use at 1:5k-10k dilution). Previously we had bad experience with peptide antibodies from other companies. This is the first time we have nice peptide antibodies. In addition, I like your service and time frame. Also your price is reasonable. I think I will continue use your service in the future. Thank you very much.”
      - Dr. Hong Han, Dept. of Biology at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

      "We placed an order for polyclonal antibody production from synthesized peptides and received materials when promised. The supplied antibodies generated strong, specific signals so we were able to quickly and reliably use within our existing experimental protocols. An excellent experience"
      - Professor O'Tousa, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA

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   Ordering Information

Please obtain an official quote before ordering: Request Quote. Biomatik accepts online, phone, fax and email orders. Please refer to the Quote/Reference number when you place an order - orders are typically confirmed within 24 hours.
    • Order Online: Quote-To-Order
    • By Email: order@biomatik.com
    • By Fax: 1-877-221-3515 (USA/Canada) or 1-519-231-0140 (International).
    • Phone Us: 1-800-836-8089 (USA/Canada) or 1-519-489-7195 (International).

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