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Polyclonal Antibody Production

Custom polyclonal Production

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production


5-Star Google Review
Biomatik has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 2002. If you cannot find an antibody from our extensive antibody catalog to suit your research needs, then our custom antibody service team can help. The Biomatik custom antibody production service allows you to take advantage of our in-house gene/peptide/protein production technologies to offer you the best in customized antibody productions at affordable prices. Our expert team can guide you through from project design to antigen selections, to help make the best choice in achieving your research goals. Many of our custom antibody packages do offer risk-free guarantees. There is absolutely no cost to you if we cannot produce the antibody.

Please check out our Risk-free Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Packages and sample QA report. We offer risk free guarantee for most polyclonal antibody production using peptide or protein antigens from E. coliNo Antibody, No Charge. It is free of charge if we are not able to produce the Antibody. View select publications featuring custom antibody production services by Biomatik:

Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Highlights

    • Risk-free Guarantee: No Antibody, No Charge. Free of charge if the generated antibody does not meet the package guarantees.
    • Low Price with Fast Turnaround: As low as $1050 for 3-5mg affinity purified antibody, in as fast as 90 days!
    • One-Stop Services: From antigen design, peptide synthesis or protein production to antibody production services.
Top selling pAb Packages / Antigen ChoiceKey DeliverablesQuality GuaranteesEDT
Package #SA0031
Antigen: Protein, supplied by customer
Animal: 2 Rabbits
Risk-free Guarantee. No Antibody, No Charge!
15-25mg protein A/G purified antibody ELISA >1:256,000; 
WB positive (for antigen)
~3 months
Package #SA0050
Antigen: Protein, produced by Biomatik
Animal: 2 Rabbits
Risk-free Guarantee. No Antibody, No Charge!
2-5mg affinity purified antibody
0.1mg His-tagged protein (from E. coli), >90%
ELISA >1:128,000; 
WB positive (for antigen)
4-5 months
Package #SA0033
Antigen: Peptide, synthesized by Biomatik
Animal: 2 Rabbits
Risk-free Guarantee. No Antibody, No Charge!

3-5mg affinity purified antibody
5mg peptide, >85%

ELISA >1:256,000 3-4 months
Package #SA0035
Antigen: Phospho peptide, synthesized by Biomatik
Animal: 2 Rabbits
Risk-free Guarantee. No Antibody, No Charge!
2-5mg affinity purified phospho antibody 
3-5mg affinity purified non-phospho antibody 
2-3mg phospho peptide, >85%
5mg non-phospho peptide, >85%
ELISA >1:256,000;
No cross reactivity on DB
3-4 months

•  Risk-free Guarantee: If the generated antibody does not meet our quality guarantees, the customer receives NO charge. 
•  Our standard 70-day immunization protocol will apply by default. If you are in a rush, please ask for 42-day express protocol. 
•  Other than phospho peptide antibody package, there are formyl/methyl/cyclic/acetylated peptide antibody packages available. 
•  Each package comes with two rabbits; Other animals are available: Rat, Chicken, Mouse, Rat and Guinea Pig.  
•  Anti-serum can be requested instead of the purified antibody.

Why Choose Biomatik?

Biomatik has been trusted among top scientists and researchers from around the world for quality products and custom services since 2002. To date, Biomatik has delivered 70,000+ custom made products to our customers worldwide. Learn why Biomatik has been trusted by thousands of researchers worldwide by viewing our customer testimonials, selected publications and 3,000+ publications citing our fine products and services at Google Scholar.

"Biomatik generated several primary antibodies for me over the past 8 years. All antibodies worked beautifully in WB and IH or IF. I'm extremely pleased with their outstanding service, work ethics and professionalism. The production of the AB was always on time and delivered within the estimated period of time provided in their quote. I will definitely go back to them whenever I need to generate a clean, specific, and working antibody." 
Hassane Amlal, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA

"Our main concern is both of them are hydrophobic with very limited solubility. Biomatik started the protein production process from codon optimization and gene synthesis, the solubility of proteins we got were significantly improved. When we applied these proteins to our ELISA diagnostic assay, they all keep showing highly specific reactivity and very low background. We are very satisfied with the qualities of these proteins. Biomatik run the whole processes very efficiently and we always get our proteins quickly. Their customer support also works well with many helpful professional advices. So we strongly recommend the protein preparation service of Biomatik. Thanks again for your good job." 
Dr. Jia, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA

“We are very satisfied with the polypeptide antibodies you produced for us. They work great for both WB and immunostaining (so far we tested). They are very strong and specific (for WB, I can use at 1:5k-10k dilution). Previously we had bad experience with peptide antibodies from other companies. This is the first time we have nice peptide antibodies. In addition, I like your service and time frame. Also your price is reasonable. I think I will continue use your service in the future.” 
Dr. Hong Han, Dept. of Biology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Antibody Production Quoting and Ordering

Our custom antibody production quote request and ordering processes involve 3 simple steps:
1. Submit your antibody project specifications online.
2. Our Technical Support personnel will propose a project price quote and answer any technical questions.
3. Initiate production by providing a formal PO or pay with credit card through our online ordering system.

Custom Antibody Production Service FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Biomatik Antibody Production Service. If you have other questions not listed here, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

1. What is the typical turn-around time for custom antibody productions?
Our typical turn-around time is 3 to 4 months for polyclonal antibody productions. The turn-around time could vary depending on the antigen type and the antibody package choice you have selected.

2. I am in a rush to get an antibody for my research. Do you offer express service for your antibody production?
Our default is a 70-day immunization protocol, however, a 42-day express protocol can be requested for certain package at no extra cost. Please contact our Antibody Production team for more information.

3. How do I select the appropriate antibody production package for my research?
There are two basic antigen types that you need to start with: (1) short peptide sequence and (2) full length protein. Our antibody packages are designed around these 2 basic types. The selection may be based on your budget and your downstream applications, usually budget is the bigger driving force. Another factor to be considered is the target protein properties. Signal peptide regions and trans-membrane domains are not suitable for protein antigens as we can only produce intracellular regions of the protein. The antibodies produced from a short peptide sequence may behave a little differently from one that is produced from a full length protein, although the affinity should be the same. It's the conformational structure from a full protein that will impart this difference, since a chemically synthesized peptide will be a linear sequence. If your intended downstream applications are a wide range including IFs, IHCs, Functions assays, WB, ELISAs, it may be worthwhile to go with the protein antigen approach. If you only need this antibody for WBs or ELISAs, it would be more cost-effective to go with peptide antigen.

4. How do I design the appropriate peptide candidate for my custom antibody?
We can perform the antigen design for you at no cost. Simply send us the target sequence or accession #, our expert team will select the appropriate peptide antigens based on your requirements.

5. Do you offer other host species for the polyclonal antibody service?
Yes, we do. We have a variety of different hosts you may choose from including; mouse, rat, guinea pig, as well as the standard rabbits. Please contact us for more details.

6. What is the standard polyclonal antibody production immunization protocol?
Day 0: 1-2ml pre-immune sera and 1st immunization with CFA
Day 14: 2nd immunization with CFA
Day 28: 3rd immunizaton with IFA
Day 35: 4th immunizaton with IFA
Day 42: 5th immunizaton with NaCl (0.9%)
Day 49: 6th immunizaton with NaCl (0.9%)
Day 56: 7th immunizaton with NaCl (0.9%) & serum collected for ELISA testing
Day 63: 8th immunizaton with NaCl (0.9%)
Day 70: Final Bleed (Once serum titer reaches 1:8,000 dilution, proceed with serum collection and purification).

Contact Information


Please obtain a quote before ordering, and refer to the quote number when you place an order. Orders are typically confirmed within 24 hours.

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