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Monoclonal Antibody Production

Custom monoclonal Production

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production


Biomatik has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 2002. Our custom antibody production service allows you to take advantage of our in-house gene/peptide/protein production capacity for a customized monoconal antibody at highly competitive prices with fast turnaround time. We can help design, produce the peptide or protein antigen for immunization, so you can save cost and get your antibody faster!

To date, Biomatik has delivered 52,000+ custom made products to our customers worldwide. Learn why Biomatik has been trusted by thousands of researchers worldwide by viewing our Customer Testimonials and 2,000+ publications citing our fine products and services at Google Scholar.

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mAb Packages / Antigen ChoiceKey DeliverablesQuality GuaranteesEDT
Package #SA0131
Protein, supplied by customer
2mg antibody each from 2 clones
2-5 clones
ELISA >1:80,000 (OD=1); 
WB positive
7 months
Package #SA0150
Protein, produced by Biomatik
2mg antibody from 1 clone
2-5 clones
0.1mg protein
ELISA >1:128,000; 
WB positive
7 months
Package #SA0133
Peptide, synthesized by Biomatik
2mg antibody each from 2 clones
2-5 clones
ELISA >1:80,000 (OD=1) 7 months
Package #SA0135
Phospho peptide, synthesized by Biomatik
2mg phospho antibody each from 2 clones
2-5 clones
ELISA >1:80,000 (OD=1)
Phospho/non-Phospho >100
7 months

Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Highlights

    • Risk-free Guarantee: Free of charge if the generated antibody does not meet the package guarantees.
      With peptide antigen, we guarantee ELISA >1:80,000 or your money back;
      With protein antigen, we guarantee WB positive or your money back.
    • Affordable Price: As low as $3750 for 2mg antibody and 2-5 positive clones!
    • One-Stop Services: From antigen design, peptide synthesis or gene synthesis/protein production to antibody production services.

Why Choose Biomatik?

Biomatik has been trusted among top scientists and researchers from around the world for quality products and custom services since 2002.  Please view our customer testimonials below and over 2,000 publications citing our fine products & services at Google Scholar.

"Our main concern is both of them are hydrophobic with very limited solubility. Biomatik started the protein production process from codon optimization and gene synthesis, the solubility of proteins we got were significantly improved. When we applied these proteins to our ELISA diagnostic assay, they all keep showing highly specific reactivity and very low background. We are very satisfied with the qualities of these proteins. Biomatik run the whole processes very efficiently and we always get our proteins quickly. Their customer support also works well with many helpful professional advices. So we strongly recommend the protein preparation service of Biomatik. Thanks again for your good job." 
Dr. Jia, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA 30333

“We are very satisfied with the polypeptide antibodies you produced for us. They work great for both WB and immunostaining (so far we tested). They are very strong and specific (for WB, I can use at 1:5k-10k dilution). Previously we had bad experience with peptide antibodies from other companies. This is the first time we have nice peptide antibodies. In addition, I like your service and time frame. Also your price is reasonable. I think I will continue use your service in the future.” 
Dr. Hong Han, Dept. of Biology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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