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ELISA KITS from Biomatik

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Biomatik offers an extensive list of over 38,000 high quality ELISA Kits. We have been proudly serving the life sciences and drug discovery community since 2002. You can count on the quality products and support from Biomatik for your research needs. Most ELISA kits can be shipped within 3-11 business days with door-to-door delivery worldwide. On average, packages are delivered overnight within the US and Canada, and 3-4 business days to reach European and most other countries. You may click here for frequently asked questions in using our ELISA kits.

Highlights of ELISA Kits from Biomatik

1. High sensitivity and low detection range: Our lowest detection ranges are in the picogram range (1-100pg/mL, 3-200pg/mL). 
2. A wide range of sample types: Serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell lysates, cell culture supernatants, and other biological fluids. 
3. Enhanced specifications: Some of our kits feature a shortened experimental time, pre-diluted detection reagents, and enhanced stability.
4. Customer support: Thorough technical support - we stand behind our products and assist our customers promptly whenever the need arises.

Featured ELISA Kits from Biomatik

• AE-ELISA-Kits: Detects antibody.
• HE-ELISA-Kits: Detects low-target protein with high-sensitivity.
• ME-ELISA-Kits: Detects protein in micro-volume samples (15-25 μl).
• IE-ELISA-Kits: Detects protein with quick procedure in 1 hour.
• WE-ELISA-Kits: Detects protein with wildest detection range for targets from different sample types.
• GE-ELISA-Kits: Detects small molecule in different sample types.